Fx 180 currency trading strategy

Fx 180 currency trading strategy

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I've finally uncovered a way anyone can use to get in on big Forex trades without having to stare at a screen all day - in fact you can trade at ANY time and in ANY currency - and pick up 20, 30 or more points profit from each trade.

Look, I'm not one to get excited or use hype. It's not my style. I'm normally a very shy and retiring chap. Just look at the picture at the top of the page. I've been trading since and have seen strategies come and go. But my new discovery has got me hopping around like a mad March hare after downing a double espresso!

Read on - it will take you less than 8 minutes yes, I timed it - but I want to prove to you that you'll never need or want another trading strategy. I've spent the best part of a year developing this approach to winning on the Forex markets. And I've done all the testing to make sure this is a genuine and realistic strategy anyone can use to pull profits out of the markets. I asked independent testers to trial the strategy and see what happened.

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Some had FX trading experience. Others had none at all. But the results from both ends of the trading spectrum confirmed my own findings. You deserve to be treated with respect so that you can make your own mind up without all the hype and big promises. And I don't expect you to rely on beta testers or my opinion to prove this strategy works.

Instead why not try it for yourself right now - risk-free - and see how much you could make. You can test my new strategy for 30 days at home. I'm extremely confident that followed correctly my strategy could help you to pull in 20, 30 or more pips clear profit per trade whether it's in the morning, lunchtime, evening - even weekends!

What's more there are potentially dozens of trades each day for you to choose from. It's easy to set up and follow. It can run alongside any other trading strategy and ultimately has the potential to be a fun way to take more money from the markets. Whether you're a novice or seasoned trader - I want you to find out for yourself.

So let me send you a copy of my new FX strategy right now. There's no catch, no conditions and I don't want a cut of your trading profits. At the end of the trial period you decide if it's worth the modest fee. And since I've taught thousands of ordinary people how to trade the financial markets using my Trading Edge Strategy through Don't Tell the Professionals DTTP ATM-FX and The Ultimate FX Predictor UFXP.

Like you I've been bombarded with one offer after another from people who claim to have the 'next big thing' in Forex trading - countless systems, strategies and even FX robots that promise to find, place and exit trades automatically.

Most are seriously flawed - they're either too complicated, take up too much of your time for not enough reward. I've used my 20 years trading experience to create a strategy that's made for people like you and me - not robots, geeks or gamblers. It's for the rest of us - people who want to earn a decent new income, but can't necessarily spare hours in the morning and lunchtime to track trades. Although if you enjoy day trading this strategy works better than anything else I've come across in its simplicity.

You can go to your PC at any time of the day or night. Open up a simple chart where all the hard work has been done for you. There's no difficult technical analysis to learn. Just follow 3 simple steps to identify a potential trade. You'll know exactly when to enter, when to exit with a profit and how to make sure you control any risks. And you don't need any previous trading experience making this perfect for anyone curious about trying Forex trading for the first time.

If you've tried, failed and given up with Forex then I genuinely believe it could restore your confidence and get you making regular profits. Even if you're an experienced trader, I know you'll be as amazed as I was to discover a single strategy that finally means you can trade any time frame.

Then there are the losing runs that get you down. The fear of staying in a trade as it goes against you. And yes the greed of a successful trade that makes you careless. And that's why I've made it as easy and stress free as possible for you to profit from my new FX trading strategy. From the thousands of people I've helped to trade, I've learnt a lot about what stops most people from enjoying regular profits. Although most people are familiar with the benefits of trading Forex, it's worth a quick reminder.

So here are a few reasons why my new strategy focuses on the Forex market Forex is the most 'liquid' market in the world. For you, the benefit is that it's the EASIEST market to dip in and out of. There are ALWAYS buyers and sellers to trade with YOU PICK YOUR PROFIT SCHEDULE! Because of the overlapping of major markets across the world, Forex remains open 24 hours a day, 6 days a week from 8pm Sunday to 10pm Friday night!

That means you can profit any time you like! Volatility is great for the trader. The more currencies jump up and down in price, the more trades you can profit from. Because of the huge volumes of turnover, the currency market is the most volatile in the world.

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Volatility of the most liquid stocks is between 60 and Volatility for currency trading is TAKE ALL YOUR PROFITS WITH YOU!

So I set about creating a way that overcomes all the big obstacles and gives traders of all backgrounds a route to trading success:. If you've read this far then I suspect you are interested in the potential of making money from trading currencies. I hope you can see that my intentions are honest. I know a lot of Forex gurus like to impress with fancy charts, techniques and software.

And don't even get me started on the whole Forex robot craze. Yet all too often traders over complicate things and can't trade for so many indicators. Most gurus would probably get a bit sniffy about my approach. But I'm not out to impress people. After 15 years of helping others to trade I don't have to prove myself any more.

You'll see a whole bunch of testimonials later. So I've stripped this down to the essentials. I'll take you step-by-step on how to find the trades - all the way from setting up the simple charts to running in real time and the all important money management. And something very similar happens in the markets. We all know markets don't rise or fall in a straight line. They zigzag up and down. Tension builds up when a market has been rising or falling for a period and then reverses direction.

Just take a look at the chart below to see how a falling market has plenty of mini fluctuations. And it's these highs and lows that we are interested in.

To release the tension markets reverse snap back and either continue the trend or establish a new one. Either way, if you can identify these tension points before they reverse you can catch the market move known as a market reversal and profit. We do this by looking for extreme highs or lows in the market.

Don't worry, you don't have to do any of the calculations yourself. The charts are created automatically after an initial set up that takes minutes and you only ever have to do it once. Just watch to see if a line is historically high or low. Again, this is really easy and I'll give you clear instructions. On the flip side, if the line is historically low it suggests that the market is oversold and is set to reverse and rise to the upside.

Next we want to see this tension confirmed by actual market activity. Using a simple price chart we can see if the trend is likely to change.

We're looking for strength or weakness coming into the market. Finally, to be absolutely sure we use another simple indicator on the same chart to confirm the trade. I'll show you how to set up your entire trade: That way you know - before you even enter a trade - exactly how much you could make and how much you risk.

Just 3 easy-to-spot indicators combined in such a way they give you laser-like accuracy in alerting you to when a major market reversal is going to take place. I'd be happy if this simple 3-step approach worked just for day trading the pound v dollar. But I'm really excited because this works for any time frame and any currency pair.

This means you can take your pick of potentially dozens of trades each day. We first met in when I was working as a publisher at Fleet Street Publications Ltd. Look, I know there are a lot of big claims made by Forex gurus. Keith and I want to distance ourselves from the hype. Hopefully Keith has set out everything you need to know about what makes FX so different on this website.

If you are still concerned I want to reassure you that you can try it absolutely risk free and without obligation for 30 days.

As with anything I recommend I am personally underwriting the guarantee and always honour my refund policy. Keith is professional, committed and very passionate about trading. I know his wife Mel and children. I'm glad to be able to count him as one of my friends. He also happens to be the smartest trading strategist I know. Not because he makes things complicated - quite the opposite. So when Keith told me he was creating a simple entry level Forex strategy, I knew I would get something special.

If you are at all intrigued by what Keith has come up with, I really would urge you to give FX a try. And not least the potential profits! Remember, you are covered by a day risk free money back guarantee that is personally endorsed and underwritten by me. It's always difficult to make exact predictions. And I'm certainly not going to resort to the ridiculous claims you might see elsewhere. However I am so excited by the huge potential of FX that I want to give you a fair idea of what's possible.

fx 180 currency trading strategy

My beta testers made between 19 and 77 points on average per day. But let's be conservative and say you bagged 25 points a day or points per week [based on 5 days trading].

And yet, by netting points per week you'd double your bank in 12 weeks, triple it in 18 weeks and see it quadruple in 23 weeks. And remember with spread betting all of your profits would be tax-free.

Of course, you don't have to have your money locked away. You could take out your original stake and play purely with your winnings.

As you've seen, once you have a larger starting bank the compounding can really kick in. All very impressive, but what counts is how it works for you in the real world. That's why I urge you to prove it to yourself risk-free at home for the next 30 days.

That's more than enough time to learn the FX strategy it takes just a few hours and get trading at times that suit you. Within days you should be able to identify plenty of trades. You don't have to use real money to begin with - feel free to paper trade using a demo account just so you can see without any risk. Remember, you can trade during the day morning and afternoon or set up longer-term trades in the evenings or at the weekend.

Never trade during or just after a major economic news announcement such as Interest rates or unemployment figures. These tend to produce wild swings in the markets that can turn a winning trade into a losing one. Thankfully they are not that frequent and I'll show you a free online resource that will tell you the exact times to avoid way in advance. Another time to avoid is when the markets are trending sideways.

Again this is easy to spot and I'll show you how. As the term suggests, the markets are neither trending up or down. This happens occasionally and is just a natural part of how markets act. For us, we're looking for extremes in the market where there is tension so we can profit from the snap back.

Trading is not pension fund investing, and you should NEVER bet more than you're prepared to lose! This is speculation after all. Yes, occasionally trades will go against you and you'll be closing out with a loss.

Because making a consistent income on the Forex market is as much about managing your losing trades as it is picking winners. We won't be eliminating risk entirely from your currency trading. We'll simply be reducing it to a massive degree so you aim to trade month-after-month in overall profit.

So just imagine having a strategy that could predict the turning points of any currency over any time frame - all by using one chart and 3 simple indicators that take minutes to learn. For most people that would be enough. But I'm so excited, because my FX strategy does more than just find currency trades. I've stumbled across something amazing that could potentially give you unlimited profitable trading opportunities.

Not only can the FX strategy be applied very successfully to the currency markets - both intraday and end of day - but it can be used on ANY market across ALL time frames. I checked and rechecked. But it doesn't matter which chart I look at - whether it's commodities like gold and oil, individual shares like BP or indices like the FTSE or the DOW - I can easily pick out the tension points and predict with laser point accuracy when the market reversal is about to happen.

This just shouldn't happen - analysts use hundreds of different approaches depending on the market and the time frame. Some are incredibly complex, often demanding 2, 3 or even more screens showing different charts simultaneously. This time the FX strategy identified a trade that at the time of writing has made an incredible points profit in 3 months. I don't want to hype my strategy or make unrealistic claims. We all know that testimonials can easily be meddled with.

I also feel a bit uncomfortable using testimonials that make specific earnings claims as everyone has different experiences. However I know that some people feel more comfortable if there are independent testimonials. So, what follows are just a few of the many unsolicited testimonials from people talking about my other strategies over the years.

Please note, I haven't proof read or tampered with the wording in anyway, so apologies in advance for any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors! I have bought other systems and spent months studying FX trading all to no avail. I strongly recommend this to anyone who is serious about making money through FX trading. I frequent a few trading forums and shall certainly be singing your praises. I count myself extremely fortunate to have discovered your service.

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I started with very little knowledge of trading and within just a few weeks was making profitable trades under the continued support and guidance of Keith. Best thing I've studied in a long time! I love this game and want to be as good at it as I possibly can. Keep up the excellent work. Anyone who doubts that this can work needs their head read! It means the opportunities for profit are almost limitless - imagine you could have several of these longer term trades running at any one time on top of any shorter term trades you might have.

Can you see why I'm so excited about this new strategy? And that's why I urge you to take me up on this completely risk-free home trial. If you're new to trading then I firmly believe that you shouldn't break the bank before you've even started.

Look, many FX strategies have a high upfront investment. And then you still have to factor in your starting bank. I think this is a very fair price for a strategy that I believe could generate 20, 30 or more points per trade - and unlike any other strategy I know, it is just as successful with trades outside of normal trading hours.

What's more you can see that FX opens up unlimited opportunities for you to trade other markets - again at times that suit you.

fx 180 currency trading strategy

I know that if I was one of the typical trading gurus out there I'd probably add a zero to the price and I'd still sleep well at night. No, the real pleasure I get is from trying to solve trading problems and then share them with others.

Even better when lots of people profit from my strategies and send me their success stories. Take a look at the testimonials on the right for plenty of examples.

But I completely understand that you still need to justify your investment, so let me help you out. And with beta testers averaging between per day it really is achievable. And remember, I want you to come to your own conclusions. I want you to put it to the test. Just click on the link at the bottom of this page and go through to the secure reservation page.

First off, in my experience giving something away for free just doesn't work. In fact you could end up losing money! If you get anything for free, most people tend to not place a great deal of importance or urgency to it. And so you either completely forget about it or worse, just dip in and out without much commitment or real enthusiasm. So having made an actual investment - even if it is modest and totally refundable like this one - tends to make people more focused.

Now, this kind of honesty might upset some people. But I want to be straight with you. I don't get to sip champagne with your money! It's held in what's known as an escrow account i. However, I hope you will appreciate what I'm trying to do and trust me enough to know that I would NEVER refuse a refund request within the day period.

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Further, my long time publishing partner, Nick Laight of Canonbury Publishing Ltd, is underwriting this guarantee. If you've ever had dealings with Nick then you will know he has a reputation for fairness and great customer service. Fill in your details. Then as soon as I get confirmation I'll send you a link so you can download the manual and get started immediately. I'll also send you a hard copy of the manual along with a CD-Rom of training videos in the post.

When the manual does arrive don't expect some huge table-thumping volume. This is pared down to the essentials. As I mentioned you could read this in one sitting and yet be up and identifying trades the next trading day. I've also included videos that take you through the entire strategy - that way you can see how to set up the charts, apply the indicators and see - in real time - the trades develop. This really is easy to start and trade. But you'll have direct access to the support team should you have any questions.

What's more you'll have access to a members only website that will have extra resources to help you make the most of FX Right about now most 'FX gurus' will turn on the hard sell techniques and say that there are only a certain number of systems available.

Well, I'm not going to do that. I think you're intelligent enough to decide if this is the kind of opportunity you want to be involved with. I've tried to present what my FX strategy could do without all the usual hype. Just click on the link below and you can get started immediately. I will send you a link to the FX download.

Try out my new FX strategy on a no-profit no-fee day trial! If you are not making at least 20 points per day or for any other reason you can claim a full and prompt refund of your fee.

Remember, not only could FX help you to trade any Forex market. FX is designed for educational purposes only. There is a risk of loss in all trading. Spread Betting carries significant risk and should only be undertaken by those who can afford to lose some or all of their investment.

In extreme circumstances you can lose more than your initial investment. Before investing, or if in doubt about the suitability , please seek independent financial advice. Please note that the 30 day trial is available for new subscribers only, to test the service.

If you have already received a 30 day trial you are welcome to rejoin but without the 30 day trial period. If you have any questions, please call us on New Forex Trading Revolution - Beta Tester Approved! Read this if you are new to trading Forex Although most people are familiar with the benefits of trading Forex, it's worth a quick reminder. A Personal Recommendation From Nick Laight — Managing Director Canonbury Publishing Ltd. What people like you are really saying about my trading strategies I don't want to hype my strategy or make unrealistic claims.

Worth every penny and more. Brilliant, brilliant teaching - thank you so much.

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