Interesting stock market trivia facts about indian

Interesting stock market trivia facts about indian

Posted: artlaboda Date: 25.05.2017
interesting stock market trivia facts about indian

DreamGains Financials India Private Limited Email: BLOG 10 Interesting Facts you may not know about Indian Stock Markets.

There are 12 stock exchanges in India.

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Out of which only 7 are permanent and rest 5 require their license to be renewed timely. Can you recall any names apart from NSE and BSE?

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The record low Sensex has ever touched is Do you know U. It has more than 5, companies on the list.

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Did you that on Nov, India became one of top 10 markets in the world by market capitalization? India market capitalization is approx.

Foreign Institutional Investors FIIs are the strongest driving force in Indian markets. Among Domestic Institutional Investors DIIs , LIC leads the way. The NSE has the second largest volumes in the derivatives market.

It ranks second in Index Options, and third when it comes to the Stock Index Futures. While in Equities segment, record number of trades was done on and it was 1. Address Information DreamGains Financials India Private Limited. Bangalore , Karnataka

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